Dunn Loring Village is a community of residential town homes in Vienna, Virginia. We are conveniently located within walking distance of the Washington, DC Metro System's Dunn Loring/Merrifield Station and in close proximity to the Merrifield Mosaic District, several Fairfax County parks, and the Washington & Old Dominion Rail Trail.

Our amenities include tennis courts, several multi-purpose courts, two playgrounds, a playground shelter, and large common area greenways.

Help Keep Our Community Safe
Due to the public health emergency and governor's orders with respect to sanitization and social distancing requirements, the playgrounds and tennis courts are currently closed.
Please follow CDC guidelines at www.cdc.gov/COVID19, practice social distancing, avoid gathering in large groups, and wash hands frequently.

Cedar Lane Bridge Construction Update
Cedar Lane Bridge has been demolished. FAM Construction stated it anticipated completion of a replacement bridge by late November, 2020.

Trees near I-66

Due to the possibility of hazardous trees, please use extreme caution and, if possible, avoid use of the walking path that runs adjacent to I-66.

As many of you are aware, FAM, the construction company hired by VDOT to expand I-66, has excavated a significant portion of the berm that buffered the community from the highway. Several trees have fallen since this disturbance and there is a risk that more could fall in the future.

Therefore, we urge residents to exercise extreme caution and/or avoid use of the walking path that runs alongside I-66.

Recycling Reminder
Please not NOT put recycling in plastic bags or put plastic bags in the recycling.  This results in otherwise recyclable materials being diverted to trash at the recycling plant to prevent sorting machine damage by plastic bags.  Plastic bags CAN be recycled at many supermarkets.

Sound Wall Removal Update
FAM construction has removed much of the sound wall and performing construction work on the residential side of the sound wall along I-66. The remainder of the sound wall along Dunn Loring Village will be removed as construction progresses.  During this time, there will be no barrier between the I-66 construction project and Dunn Loring Village.  When construction of the expanded highway is completed, VDOT has stated a new wall will be built.

FAM expects the new sound wall will be built closer to the village than the current sound wall before the project is completed.  A retaining wall will also be built due to the elevation difference of the freeway surface from surrounding land.  A drainage ditch will be built on the lower side of the retaining wall. 

The time between old sound wall demolition and new wall finish was originally described as 240 days maximum, however VDOT later dated this may need to be extended due  to the complexity of the area.  The estimated construction finish date is late 2022. 

For updated information, contact project leaders at [email protected] or [email protected] or call 703-662-3892 with questions.

Trash Service

Please do not put any trash bags out before trash service days, sealed trash cans and recycling containers (only) may be placed out the evening before.  Please be respectful of your neighbors; following this rule helps keep rodents and undesirable wildlife out of your community and yards. 

Glass Recycling Change

Fairfax County is no longer requiring American Disposal to collect glass for recycling as of October 2019. Consider dropping your glass at a Fairfax County purple glass recycling collection bins when your travels take you near one. There is a purple glass recycling collection bin at the Providence District Government Center and another at the Dunn Loring Education Center, 2334 Gallows Road (Gallows and Idylwood Road) in Dunn Loring.
If you are unable to drop glass off at a purple bin, glass may be placed in the regular trash. Any updates from American Disposal will be posted here.

Homeowner Assessments Reduced:
The DLV Board of Directors has reduced the annual assessment for 2018 and subsequent years. See Pay HOA Assessments on this website for payment information.

Fire Lanes
As a reminder, do not park in yellow curb fire lanes. Vehicles parked in the fire lanes will be towed. Details are posted on the signs at the village entrances.

Management for Dunn Loring Village
Sequoia Management has replaced POA Management Associates to provide the community's professional management services.